The safety and well-being of the people on the BNSF team and in the communities where we live and work is always paramount.

How we fulfill our purpose and our care of the planet would not be possible without the thousands of men and women who come to work every day, ready to safely and efficiently transport the goods our world needs. Our people are dedicated because they recognize that the services we provide are critical, sustaining everyday life as well as the U.S. economy.

We call railroading the ultimate team sport because no player is more important than another. We all have “skin” in the game, and we depend on one another to do our part, for the team and, ultimately, our nation’s economy. That team spirit starts with our foundational values of diversity, equity and inclusion, which have been core to BNSF’s shared Vision & Values since our very inception.

As members of the BNSF community, our employees are entitled to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Have equal access to tools, resources, training and development opportunities
  • Have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential

Like players on a football field who are suited up and distinguished only by a name and jersey number, as a team, we don’t see other members based on race, ethnicity, religion, age or gender. It doesn’t matter how we identify – veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender or country of origin. On our team, we don’t judge based on one’s education, background or other aspects of identity.

What matters is that we belong, that we come to a workplace that is inviting, where every person on our team wants to engage and be a part of what we are trying to achieve.

It’s a lot to think and talk about, and, more importantly, where actions speak loudest.

Three Pillars of Focus

Toward a goal of action-taking, we have established three pillars on which to focus:


Increase diversity throughout the organization


Develop leaders who create a diverse and inclusive culture


Ensure diversity, equity and inclusion remain a strategic priority to have a greater impact

Moving forward, we will increase our diversity representation and are on track already, thanks in part to our recruitment efforts. We currently recruit at 68+ schools for our management trainees and have relationships with a diverse set of schools and with diverse student groups on campus. We are also advancing our relationship with an organization called “Handshake” that gives us access to diverse students across the country.

We have a scholarship program through our BNSF Railway Foundation with LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens), established to advance diversity progress. In addition, we have community partnerships with NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund), Girls, Inc. and P-Flag (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

Within our company and our communities, we have many ways for our employees and their teams to get involved as a member of one of our Business Resource Groups (BRGs). BRGs provide employees development opportunities, the ability to network, to gain exposure to senior leaders and to work together to build creative solutions to business problems. There are ten active BRGs, from BOLD (Black Organization for Leadership Development) to the Women’s Network, and one of our newest, the PRIDE+ BRG.

To remind ourselves of our continued commitment to a culture where all employees are included, belong and have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential, we raised the BNSF Unity Flag at Fort Worth headquarters in mid-2022. Proudly displaying the BNSF logo surrounded by the icons for each of our nine current BRGs, the BNSF Unity Flag acknowledges the diversity that remains a source of strength for BNSF. Team members in the field will soon see the new flag flying at other major work locations across the BNSF network.

Also, in the field, we have Diversity Councils spread throughout our network that give employees an opportunity to promote a positive culture, including educating and heightening diversity awareness. The Diversity Councils also engage members in community service projects as well as spread “Respect Every Day.” This initiative is focused on improving awareness about what constitutes offensive or inappropriate behavior and providing tools to stop it.

System wide, tools we provide to all employees include a Diversity & Inclusion Portal with links to available resources, plus informational videos, podcasts and readings. There’s also a full calendar of D&I events, including celebrations like Hispanic Heritage month, as well as informational speaker series and Lunch & Learn sessions.

Our leaders, who have BNSF’s Leadership Model as their playbook, act as coaches and model the way. They have accountability for promoting an open exchange of diverse perspectives, ideas and opinions. In fact, diversity and inclusion are now part of their objectives for which their actions are now rated each year.

Our employees are also trained on diversity and inclusion through our workplace anti-harassment and discrimination training.

Business Resource Groups

Who We Are

Yes, we are movers of freight – and we are also your neighbors, living in 28 states, Canada and Mexico. We come from all walks of life and backgrounds, and we have one important characteristic in common: We are proud of what we do and who we are:

  • Nearly 1 in 5 BNSF employees has served in a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Nearly 40% of our management team is diverse.
  • Our field (non-management) team is 26% diverse.
  • Through December 2022, 46% of all new hires were diverse.
  • 62% of our management trainee hires through December 2022 were diverse.

Women, you may be surprised to learn, have been involved in railroading since the 1800s. Some of the first jobs they held were as registered nurses and passenger car attendants.

Over the decades, women expanded their roles in all areas of the company, increased their representation in the industry and have risen in the ranks. The steps BNSF has taken to support female talent are reflected in our standing on the 2021 Forbes Employers for Women list, where we earned No. 6.

BNSF also offers many benefits that many employees can take advantage of, including hybrid work schedules; virtual care for maternity; fertility, lactation, adoption, surrogacy, and parenting support; complimentary milk shipping and reimbursement for child-care expenses.

In the communities, we champion diversity by participating in scholarship programs that benefit minority students, including Girls Inc., the Hispanic Women’s Network of North Texas and the National Association of Asian Americans. The BNSF Railway Foundation also supports organizations such as the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and the United Negro College Fund.

Whether it's through our Diversity Councils, our many Business Resource Groups, our deep involvement and investment in the communities we serve, or through diversity and inclusion training programs, BNSF is committed to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. If we at BNSF can sustain an inclusive, open and collaborative workplace, one that truly encourages diverse perspectives in all interactions, then we will all be members of a winning team.

Going forward as a company, we recognize that what we do today – the investments, partnerships and technologies – we do with a lasting commitment and do intentionally, for our planet, our people and our purpose.

You could say it’s our train of thought.