Ocean Carriers

Our partners are the world's largest ocean carriers.


BNSF offers the most flexible intermodal services in the industry, making it easier for you to manage your logistics and optimize supply chain efficiencies.

The Most Options

Customize your shipping strategies with our diverse service portfolio.

  • We offer multiple services, based on whether your customers want faster transit times (On-Dock and Off-Dock Expedited) or greater costs savings (On-Dock and Off-Dock Standard).

The Most Capacity

Support the scope of any project at any time by taking advantage of BNSF's extensive route, equipment and facility capacity.

  • We have invested billions annually to expand and improve our network.
  • We continue to increase capacity and implement new technologies at our intermodal facilities. For example, our Transcon® route is double-tracked from LA to Chicago—and triple-tracked in key areas—increasing capacity and service options to markets such as Memphis, Chicago, Kansas City and Atlanta.

The Broadest Reach

Access more major markets with BNSF's unparalleled network.

  • We provide you with direct access to the country's biggest and fastest-growing inland markets, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Kansas City, Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta and more.
  • Our intermodal network gives you access to the top U.S. markets—and covers 96% of the U.S. population.
  • We are the only railway to offer direct service between the West Coast and Atlanta.
  • We have a comprehensive network of 27 strategically located intermodal facilities.


BNSF offers the most reliable service in the industry, so you can count on BNSF to help get your job done, allowing you to focus on the many other aspects of your logistics management.

The Highest Frequency of Departures

Access more paths to on-time delivery with more weekly train departures than any other provider.

The Best Performance

Ensure your shipments arrive damage-free and on time by working with BNSF.

  • Our Intermodal On-Dock Expedited service is the fastest international intermodal service in the industry. With on-dock facilities that load directly to BNSF trains or dray to a nearby intermodal facility, you get transit times that are one to two days less than other intermodal providers.
  • Our single-unit expedited service from Los Angeles to Chicago, Kansas City and Memphis offers the fastest international schedules available in the industry.

The Greatest Visibility

With BNSF, you'll never have to guess about the status of your shipment.

  • Our real-time tracking reports give your freight complete visibility, allowing you to be more nimble within your supply chain.
  • Our mobile apps allow you to view the shipping information you need—when you need it, where you need it.

The Greatest Reach

  • Quickly and reliably reach your market. Anywhere in North America.
  • With a strong presence at major West Coast ports, BNSF plays a vital role in international trade.


BNSF works closely with the world's largest and most respected ocean carriers to create innovative solutions that provide shippers with more flexibility, more reliability and more value.

Innovations That Increase Speed and Reliability

We are making intermodal transportation faster, more efficient and more reliable.

  • Our On-Dock Expedited service allows ocean carriers to move 250 FEUs on a single train up to two days faster than standard service offerings.
  • Recently created and incredibly successful, our flagship service has resulted in a more direct and reliable transpacific service to five major inland North American markets.

Innovations That Increase Flexibility

We are expanding the flexibility of intermodal to support a broader range of cargo and technical specifications from customers.

  • BNSF provides carriers with unique match-back opportunities from numerous markets and provides empty repositioning programs to help coordinate container supply with commodity demand, thereby reducing empty miles and taking costs out of the supply chain.