Every day, we at BNSF Railway operate thousands of trains across a 32,500-mile network in 28 states and three Canadian provinces. Our employees make an enormous contribution to the U.S. economy by moving the goods people need in their daily lives.

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BNSF delivers goods in four main categories:

  • Agricultural products
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial products
  • Coal

In a year, we haul enough grain to supply 900 million people with a year’s supply of bread and enough steel tonnage to build more than 200 Empire State Buildings. A new car or truck is loaded onto or unloaded from a BNSF train every 11 seconds.

Explore this virtual train tour to learn more about how we do it.

The train depicted provides a general overview of major types of railcars we handle. It does not depict how our trains are typically structured.

Drag the train or hover over icons to move the train. Click a car to explore in 3D.
Drag the train. Click a car to explore in 3D.




Covered Hopper

Tank Car

Coal Gondola

Centerbeam Flatcar


Intermodal Well Car



End-of-Train Device

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